Balneotherapy Baile Olanesti
Balneotherapy Baile Olanesti
Balneotherapy Baile Olanesti
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Balneotherapy Baile Olanesti


The Noel Bed-and-Breakfast has its own treatment base, endowed with ultra-modern recovery and rehabilitation equipment and BFT qualified medical staff (physicians, nurses, physiotherapists, masseurs).

The treatment is done by internal water cure (crenotherapy) and also externally – by diverse procedures, which are prescribed by the Bed-and-Breakfast’s physician after an initial consultation.

The treatment base of the Noel Bed-and-Breakfast is available with a wide and complex range of medical procedures associated to crenotherapy with the Baile Olanesti resort springs:

  • Medical consultation – initial check also during the stay, when needed.
  • Water cure – we facilitate your access to mineral springs
  • Injections with „Spring no.7” (in the treatment of eczema or urticarial intravenous intramuscular injections are recommended)
  • Interferential currents – Chronic rheumatic affections, post-traumatic, CDL spondylosis, low-vertebral circulating insufficiency.
  • Solux (infrared rays) – heat distribution for rheumatic affections of the spine, dermatological affections (psoriasis), digestive affections (gastritis, ulcers, colitis).
  • Diadynamic currents – cervical spondylosis, vertebral discopathy, muscular atrophies.
  • Ultrasound – muscular contractions, tendinitis, bursitis, gonarthrosis, osteoarthrosis.
  • Magnetodiaflux – neurotic affections, anxious-depressive, neurovegetative dystonia, insomnias, psychical instability.
  • Massage – secondary muscular affections of some chronic rheumatisms, muscular contractions, tendinitis, bursitis.
  • Shor wave – the only procedure which produces heat inside. It is used to treat gonarthrosis, osteoarthrosis, ENT affections, lumbar-vertebral discopathy, some prostate affections.
  • Silicon wrappings – chronic rheumatic affections, post-traumatic sequelae, bursitis, tendinitis, arthrosis.
  • Ionisations – arthrosis of different kind and location, neurovegetative dystonia, antialgic effects.
  • Climatotherapy, atmospheric aerosols.


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