Massage & Relaxation Therapy
Massage & Relaxation Therapy
Massage & Relaxation Therapy
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Massage & Relaxation Therapy

Relaxation – Massage

The tiredness and stress of the daily life can be overwhelming. When was the last time you let your concerns away and granted yourself some relaxation time? If not too soon, now is the time to do it! In a special environment, under the scents of perfumed candles and a proper music, you can benefit from a relaxing massage which will give you a well-being state.

  • Partial massage – spine/ inferior limbs/ superior limbs/ cervical
  • Facial massage – a divine delight, relaxing touches and fine oils which feed ones complexion, head skin and hair from the root
  • Head massage – a deep massage of the scalp concentrated in the vital energy points, a perfect solution against migraine and tired shoulders
  • Relaxing massage – a traditional massage of the body which aims to maintain the body in functionally perfect condition. It helps muscles unwind and tone, removes the tiredness state by relaxing the nervous system.
  • Anti-cellular massage – achieves a slim shape and tones the body through a massage which aims to enrich the local circulation in the cellular affected areas, removes toxins, water and fat retaining.
  • General massage – the massage you always dreamed of! A classical massage of the body, face and scalp. Stimulating the sanguine circulation will induce a general well-being state which will never leave you for the rest of the day.
  • Reflex-therapy/ Lymphatic draining/ Therapeutic massage


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